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“Creativity can’t be taught”: Natural Talent, and Skills.

Creativity cannot be taught, only encouraged through inspiration

I came across that quote while working with a client. This general train of thought is common and has various forms; “Creativity” is often interchanged with “Entrepreneurism”, “Innovation”, or a similar noun – “Creativity” can be loosely swapped through the proceeding text.

I recognize that some individuals have more Natural Talent in areas (music, art, computers, programming, etc…), but disagree with the first part of the statement (“Creativity cannot be taught”). I feel that given the right environment, the right opportunity, and a willingness to learn anyone can develop or improve their skills (be taught).

I partially agree with the second part of the statement – my agreeable derivation: “[Creativity is] encouraged through inspiration”. Inspiration can be stimulated in many ways: reading, discussion, a dedication to lifelong learning, personal development, professional memberships, participating in related groups and the community, etc… Inspiration is directly related to experience and exposure _ the greater your exposure (to your field, external resources, and the world around you) the more inspired you become. This reveals another relation, inspiration and creativity are closely related to the ability to be taught.

Anyhow; what started as a morning muse has become overly complex, I’ll paraphrase the original quote to my liking:

Creativity can be taught, but the really creative people are inspired, and constantly seeking new information.

It has been said:

China, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan — have started reforms aimed at fostering creativity and innovative thinking in their schools. …. In this “flat” world, the premium is on individuals who can market the innovations to other countries without being perceived as arrogant and imperialistic. - Read more: Creativity can’t be taught, but it can be killed

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