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An XML based resume, curriculum vitae, or CV

June 21st, 2006

In my search for a resume DTD (I’ve been working on a personal portfolio site) I came across The XML Resume Library.

Initially the idea of an XML based resume seemed really neat (geeky neat) – with an XML resume you have a single master copy that easily transforms into: HTML, PDF, RTF, or plain text. However, after closer inspection I decided an XML based resume was impractical for my needs.

My reasoning:
I don’t have a single resume but a number of different resumes (a generic, a specific, a master etc…).
A word processor is easier to use, has spell check, and is better suited for a resume than an XML editor.
If I ever want to edit or append to my resume in a hurry (in a coffee shop or an internet cafe) I am more likely to find a word processing application than an XML editor.
Very few jobs are secured solely through the internet, the time spent maintaining my XML resume could be better spent meeting, greeting and networking – due to the passive nature of the internet, something like 3% of people actually find work online.
An XML based resume would be more of a novelty than an integral part of my portfolio site.

An XML based resume could prove useful for a HR department, employment agency, or community / social software, but for my personal resume it would be an impracticle novelty.

View my resume here.

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