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Patriotism: Canada Day: “What defines a Canadian?”

“What defines a Canadian?” Canadians around the globe are asked this question time and time again, today in the spirit of Canada Day I’ll highlight my perceptions of Canada.

Canada is an accepting, tolerant country with an eclectic variety of culture, food, nationalities, and ideas. We’re polite, pleasant, and modest. For the most part we’re international stewards, with global and environment concerns. We’re a young country without much historical culture, but as a young country we’ve had the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of other cultures and countries.

It’s hard to pin a single event or distinguishable feature on being Canadian (we’re so similar to the rest of North America), instead it’s more of a feeling.

Some Canadian facts:

  • There are more than 100 national parks and historic sites in Canada.
  • Canada has six time zones.
  • Canada’s capital, Ottawa, has the coldest average temperature of any capital city in the world.
  • Canada has approximately the same population as the state of California (USA).

Some Canadian quirks:

  • Beer is often associated with being Canadian, but we often overlook the wide varieties of delicious international beer.
  • We rate the environment as being one of our biggest concerns, but the tar sands continually increases our countries green house gas emissions.

Learn more about Canada on Wikipedia.

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