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Points of interest: ACM CareerNews: Tuesday, August 8, 2006

August 8th, 2006

“Five Tips to Getting the Best Networking Team” Computerworld, July 20

five things corporate recruiters can do to improve their chances of landing the best candidates, … placing more emphasis on business experience and less emphasis on technical skills during the hiring process. … companies are finding out, it is better to hire the type of person who can come in and do a certain job and still have the potential to move around in the organization. .. hiring managers … should … [network] through alumni organizations, industry colleagues and employee referral programs. companies that have excellent interviewers get excellent hires.

“Some IT Pros are Having Little Luck Finding New Positions” Computerworld, July 24

consider whether you are as marketable as you think … hiring managers are seeking only the most talented individuals, especially those with strong soft skills and knowledge of business fundamentals, as well as the ability to make immediate contributions to the organization. … only 3% to 5% of job seekers locate a new position through online sites. In short, the Internet should be just one of the many strategies you employ during your job hunt.

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