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Points of interest: ACM CareerNews: Tuesday, December 19, 2006

January 3rd, 2007

“Vista to Spur Revenue, Jobs Growth” Internet News, December 11

Microsoft will ship more than 90 million units of Vista throughout the world next year … Vista is expected to create an economic multiplier effect. As IDC suggests, the Vista launch could result in 157,000 new jobs and as much as $70 billion in additional revenue for the U.S. IT industry.

“Highlights from the 2006 Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference” Knowledge @ Wharton, December 13

Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference examined current trends within the entrepreneurial space … entrepreneurship does not require dreaming up a complex, world-changing idea. Rather, it entails taking advantage of everyday experiences

“A Career Resolution for 2007″ Computerworld, December 11

What resolutions will you make next year to improve your career? … one worthwhile resolution for IT workers might be to learn how to network more effectively.

  1. Keep in mind the law of reciprocity, or the “givers gain” approach
  2. Consider depth in networking
  3. Respect personal space
  4. Consider your language and theirs
  5. Never forget the value of trust
  6. Emote enthusiasm and gratitude


“Posting Your Resume on YouTube to Stand Out From the Competition” The Wall Street Journal Online, December 7

When looking for jobs in the technology sector, young job hunters are starting to include short video clips as part of their job applications. … While there is always the possibility that something could go wrong, such as in the case of Yale University student Aleksey Vayner, many candidates are willing to take the chance.

Watch The Aleksey Vayner CV Video on YouTube (here).

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