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Points of Interest: ACM CareerNews: Tuesday, January 23, 2007

February 4th, 2007

“Five Tips for Staying Employed in IT Through 2010″ Datamation, January 12

by 2010, six out of ten IT workers will assume business-facing roles. … IT workers will need to increase their business savvy and adapt to business relationship management and business analyst roles. … companies will seek and develop versatile performers while de-emphasizing the role of specialists.

“What Subjects and Skills are Important for Software Developers?” Communications of the ACM, January 2007

the most important areas of study are data structures and algorithms (which received a 3.8 score out of a possible 4.0), procedural programming (3.8), software engineering design (3.7), software engineering implementation (3.7), and object-oriented programming (3.6). Among the lowest ranked areas by software developers were physics (1.6), artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering (1.6), computer graphics (1.9) and mathematics for continuous systems (2.0).

“Seven Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Top IT Talent” CIO.com, January 4

IT departments must start now in developing the type of strategy that will enable their companies to deal with what some economists are calling the most intensive war for talent in the history of American business. Corporations need to place a premium on recruiting top talent, challenge their employees with important initiatives, provide them with abundant opportunities, applaud them for their hard work and extra effort, and create an exciting work environment. … This process starts with the interview process, where organizations should focus on selling themselves to top candidates. Once these candidates are hired, you then need to offer challenging work that matters. … Not only must the work be challenging, it must open up new career opportunities. One of the surest ways of attracting and retaining top talent is offering workers an abundance of ways for furthering their careers. … Employees will not remain with a company if they do not feel that their work is appreciated.

“How to Get Found” Computerworld, January 15

In order to stand out during the job search, you can embrace a wide range of Web-based tactics that will help to make you highly visible to recruiters. … establish a profile on a social networking site such as Linked In or Ryze. … think about making your resume easier to find online. One tactic is to optimize your resume for search engines by including a keyword section on it where you can list relevant terms such as the industries you have worked in and the technologies you are able to apply.

“Ex-PARC Chief Urges Shift in Engineering Schools” ITWorld.com, December 1

Brown points out, schools must teach aspiring engineers how to become lifelong students instead of teaching them specific skills or training them for a specific career path.

“For IIT Graduates Today, Home is Where the Money Is” The Times of India, January 5

The best and the brightest now prefer to stay home in India, where the rapid pace of economic growth has closed the gap with the West in terms of salary, prestige and career opportunities.

Original source: http://www.acm.org/careernews/issues/v2_i24.html

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