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Points of Interest: ACM CareerNews: Tuesday, April 24, 2007

“Specialists vs. Generalists” CIO.com, April 5

organizations tend to express a preference for specialists rather than generalists, yet many managers acknowledge that generalists are more likely to provide management with a big picture view of the business. … specialists, not generalists, are most often rewarded at the vice president level and below. … generalists are able to drive innovation within the organization and often become responsible for long-term planning and corporate vision.

“Web 2.0 Provides New Opportunity for Recruiters to Find Tech Talent” Network World, April 12

recruiters are finding that there is more to recruiting online than simply posting jobs and searching resume banks. … corporate recruiters are using online resources to find more than 40% of their senior-level management and executive candidates. In addition, recruiters are finding nearly 10% of their candidates using search engines and another 3.5% through online social networking sites. … There are other ways to find passive job seekers online. For example, reading book reviews of technical books can help find reviewers who make intelligent comments on books about specific technical areas.

“London is the Place to Be in IT” Business Week, April 13

In London, the IT sector is currently growing at approximately 6% per year, making it one of the leading centers for IT talent and development within Europe. With that in mind, many Silicon Valley-based firms are expanding their London operations and investing heavily in the London IT and telecom sectors.

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