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A Bad Case of Information Fatigue Syndrome (IFS): Just Living the High-tech Illusion

October 6th, 2007

Whether on a forum thread, in a blog comment, or at work. Information Fatigue Syndrome (IFS) is a prevalent issue in the IT world.

IFS can be described as:

the weariness and stress that results from having to deal with excessive amounts of information – according to the IEEE Spectrum’s (Aug ’07), Technically Speaking article. 

I think most developers / IT workers have experienced some IFS. An example of IFS might be: the calm, quiet developer who suddenly starts spewing obscenities and smashing their hands through the keyboard, or perhaps the forum poster who asks a simple question, then counteracts every suggestion you provide, and finally attempts to assault you online.

On a daily basis I have to remind myself that:

  • Technology can be complex, but it’s not impossible
  • Nothings perfect
  • There are no silver bullets
  • We’re just living the high-tech illusion.

Now let’s move on.

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