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George Costanza is a Software Architect

May 26th, 2009

George Costanza always wanted to be an architect, but he’s not, and every time he pretends to be one he gets in trouble. Now, if you’ve watched Seinfeld, you also know that George has numerous psychological problems, including: narcissism, habitual lying, low self-esteem, sudden fits of anger, impulsive acts of ill-considered generosity, cheapness, selfishness, living in fantasy.

This begs for the question: how different are the developers that award themselves the title of Software Architect from George? How is it that someone can have a resume that reads developer, developer one week then next month reads architect, architect? Are we so insecure in our livelihood that we need to inflate out roles?  Anyone can claim to be an architect, and being one rarely means the same thing across organizations, doesn’t require certification, and some architects appear to live in ivory towers (tend to live in fantasy worlds like George). Has the title of Software Architect become synonymous to being Full of Baloney? If George didn’t switch careers and become a hand model he probably would have started pretending to be a Software Architect too. :)

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Big Changes In The Works: Update My RSS Feed URL

May 18th, 2009

Things have been quiet for the past couple weeks, but an undercurrent of change has been happening within. My hosting account expired this month – which also marks 3 years of yammering (err… blogging) – I switched accounts, changed blog engines, migrated the content, and tried to resolve all existing links to the new engine.

I’ve joined the millions of a happy WordPress users. This site was running dasBlog – now dasBlog was pretty swell 4 years ago, but so was PHP-nuke, DotNetNuke, table-based-design, ASP.NET Themes & Skins, and ASP.NET AJAX. :) Web technology changes at an accelerated pace, and some software / technologies / frameworks need to run their inevitable natural evolutionary course (extinction). dasBlog did its job, but it’s time to move on – not to mention I’ll sleep easier knowing that Rhett won’t be taunting me about how my blog reminds him of SharePoint. Adios dasBlog! :)

The new digs:

  • WordPress running on IIS 7 hosted by GoDaddy’s shared hosting plan ($203 for 4 years!!)
  • Redirections by ManagedFusion Url Rewriter
  • WordPress plug-ins installed:
    • FeedBurner FeedSmith – uses feedburner feeds in place of the WP vanilla feeds
    • Google Analytics for WP
    • Google XML Sitemaps
    • WP More Feeds – generates feeds for categories like musings (this feature was native to dasBlog, but not to WP)

Be sure to update this blog’s RSS feed to: Old feeds will continue to work, but you may experience some oddities.

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