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What Does Professional Mean To You?

June 26th, 2009

My idea of professionalism continually changes.

As an entry level developer I thought professional meant:

  • talking incessantly about technology (hiding my personal life behind shop talk)
  • dressing up for my cubical (wearing polyester dress pants, cotton dress shirts to work, and occasionally ties)
  • focusing on things that can be proven (giving little concern to interpersonal relationships or the general untestableĀ messinessĀ surrounding softskills)
  • writing the FASTEST CODE EVER (I was sidtracked with premature optimizations)
  • I tried to be a programming machine (working 29 hours a day)
  • becoming a Microsoft Most Valueable Professional (MVP)

Those ideas were skewed and I was running the risk of becoming a bit of a douche.

Today I think professionalism means:

  • being comfortable in your own skin
  • being able to delegate tasks within a team
  • being an effective member of a team (not participating in gossip, back talk, or other activities that erode a team)
  • being transparent
  • maintaining a work / life balance
  • choosing the best tool for the task

It’s funny how experience can change perspectives. I wonder what my definition of professionalism will be in five years?

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