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Preaching to the Choir

February 1st, 2010

I go for a walk every day (yeah-yeah, I’ll be a mall walker one day). My route takes me by a series of automated parking payment machines – the ones where you punch in your license plate along with a parking quadrant. Surprisingly enough, these machines provide endless comedic relief as people talk, grumble, and curse these inanimate objects – some people go as far as to physically assault them, jam their keys in them, give ‘em a good kick. It’s funny to watch a level headed business man break his cool as he uses a car key to fish around in the coin slot while cursing. My favorite responses are the talkers; grumbling about the price of parking or technology in general. I’m sure they know the machine can’t hear them, but yet they give that box of wires a piece of their mind.

If these talkers and grumblers were on the internet they’d most certainly be on Twitter or have a blog.

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