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Now Streaming HD: The New Camara

January 30th, 2012

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a gear weenie, but I’m in good company – most IT workers share my enthusiasm. Friends in real life are cringing at the thought of the “Adam Paparazzi” in their face. Similarly friends on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and RunKeeper are rolling their eyes in agreement as they read this and see another status update roll by.

As a self proclaimed technology enthusiast; most of my activities are GPS tracked (along with my vitals), and a camera is close at hand. I enjoy sharing my experiences – most of my childhood friends and family live in Eastern Canada (2,500km away), so technology is the great connector. The way I see it; while having a camera on (or in your face) can be annoying at the time, eventually this media will become invaluable to your family, friends, and yourself as your memory fades.

My latest piece of gear is a camera that mounts on a helmet / bike and a YouTube Channel.

Here’s a video of Steph and I, on Mount Standish in Sunshine Village.

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The 2012 Running Plan

January 16th, 2012

Here’s my rough running plans for 2012 – after all, an organized schedule means I can take advantage of early bird discounts, which translates into more events.

Calgary’s St Patrick’s Day 10km, March 17. I’ve never run this event before, it’ll be my second 10km event and my winter running motivation.

Calgary’s Police Half, April 29. Last year this event was pretty challenging – Calgary was blanketed with fresh snow the night before the race. Typically this race is lead by a police cruiser, but the car got stuck about a kilometer into the course, portions of the route weren’t cleared, and the snow covered ice was slippery, I know, I fell. This race is a nice ease into the running season.

The Vancouver Marathon, May 6. This event crushed me last year – totally my own fault, I didn’t take enough fuel and bonked hard. I really enjoyed Vancouver for its scenery, climate, and sea level advantage. I’ve got a bit more experience with long distance running and hope to do better this year.

The Calgary Marathon, May 27. Where it all began – in ’09 I signed up for my first race ever and have been running since. This year I’m running for Team MitoCanada. Please consider donating to (or better yet, joining) my team.

Rundle’s Revenge, June 24th.

Fernie’s Furious 3, June 30th – July 2nd. A three day staged mountain bike race.

Powderface42, July 14th. It’s a 42km trail run around Powderface in Kananaskis, I’ve biked the route so running it will be interesting, painful, or all of the above.

My fingers are crossed for an injury free season.

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