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Run Like a Dog and Just Eat

April 27th, 2015

Charlie Spedding’s comments about diet from 1984 are just as valid today.

“Everybody wanted to know about training, shoes and diet. … a lot of [runners] were hoping they would be able to eat themselves into peak physical condition, rather than follow … quite a lot of training. There were various fad foods, supplements and diets, and I was often asked if eating … would improve performance.” – Charlie Spedding, From Last to First (14)

Spedding won the Olympic Bronze medal for the marathon in 1984. His comments above were reflections on the seminars and speaking gigs he gave following his win. It’s interesting that we haven’t progressed in the last 30 years. Whether it’s the high fat low carbs, paleolithic, vegan, vegetarian, or whatever diet. As runners, we’re probably still overly concerned with diet shortcuts and less interested in logging miles and just running like a dog.

“Effort is everything. Just do it. Run like a dog.” – The Pitfalls of Run Coaching

If you’re looking for a good running book then pick up From Last to First. Spedding’s race recounts are really entertaining. If you have the time also check out 14 Minutes: A Running Legend’s Life and Death and Life by Alberto Salazar too. Both books interweave – both authors ran some of the same races, and were in their peak around the same time.

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