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Twitter on PowerShell

December 5th, 2008

Adam Geras originally wrote a script in PowerShell that saves all the Twitter posts for a specific user into a file (view Mr. Geras original post here).

I built on his script and extended it to:

  • Post messages to Twitter
  • Retrieve Twitter replies
  • View my Twitter friends conversations
  • Display the classic Twitter Fail Whale when an error occurs

Screen Shots

Sending a Twitter message:

Viewing my friends conversations:

The classic Twitter Fail Whale:

There’s something beautiful about the classic green console on a black background – I think it’s about being closer to the metal. :) What do you think?

Contribute, view, or download the openly available script here: Twitter on Powershell

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Fun With Twitter

December 4th, 2008

I think of Twitter as a mash up of instant messaging, IRC, and the web. It's a great tool for keeping abreast of the global technical sphere and a great place to connect with people from your local community. The flexibility of Twitter, it's growing user base, and it's APIs are probably what has accelerated its use.

A couple neat examples of the flexibility of Twitter that I've seen are:

What innovative uses of Twitter have you seen or do you use?

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